Name: Kamala
Age: 25
Location: Currently, Texas.  In the process of moving to Belgium.
Occupation: Intern Architect / DIY Blogger at T E X T U R E    [ ]

Outfit Inspired by: The Dutch architectural aesthetic found in their design process and construction.  I am also inspired by minimalism, clean lines, and structural materials.
Wearing:  Blazer: Thrifted Vintage [ DIY zipper detail ]    Skirt: Thrifted [ DIY zipper detail ] Top: Black Halter

Describe your personal style?
You can do so much when you have a vision for yourself, when you discover what it is that really works for you it can only grow, morph and get better over time.  I am attracted to strong proportions, monochromatic looks, minimalism, and  the ever present air of masculinity.  The idea that certain things belong to men and others to women in fashion is silly, I like to blur the line inherent in gender roles.  Above all I have learned that If you have confidence in yourself and carry yourself in that respect people see that, that is the number one approach to my personal style. 

According to you, the most fashionable place in the world is
The most fashionable place that I have been to would have to be Italy.  Italians have a strong sense of self and an air of confidence that I believe to be paramount when it comes to personal style.

Favorite designers
Many of my favorite designers are bloggers who are up and coming noteworthy designers such as Charlie May and Azede Jean-Pierre.  I have recently discovered other well established designers that speak to my own aesthetic such as Rick Owens, CO-TE, Yang Li, Phillip Lim, Helmut Lang, Simone Rocha as well as other great Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, and Spanish designers.

Style Icons?
My educational background is not in fashion nor in the craft of textiles, but through blogging I have discovered my own identity expressed through the effortless style of different women from the past such as Dorothy Dandridge to my contemporaries such as Tavi Gevinson.  Blogging has also exposed me to lots of great people with very distinct sartorial points of view.

Favorite/Least Favorite current Fashion Trend?
Current favorite fashion trend are: all over denim and dip dyed everything.  Least current fashion trend would have to be Uggs, these hideous footwear are apparently here to stay for a while.


Online or In-Store Shopping   
In-Store, primarily but Online mostly because I can never find what appeals to me, but honestly, I am really not much of a shopper my patients for shopping lasts upwards of 30 mins.

Designer or Thrift    Thrift

Fur or Faux        Faux

D.I.Y or BUY?        DIY, there is a level of inner pride knowing that I can interpret or recreate an idea through fabric.  Aside from that, it is generally fun to stretch my architecture (design) school muscles beyond buildings.

What inspires most of your D.I.Ys
My love for functional minimalism, designer collections that appeal to my aesthetic, architecture, design, conversations, cultures and films.

5 Favorite places to shop?
Charity Shops, Local Fabric & Hardware Stores, Topshop, Zara, ASOS, COS, NOWhere, and ACNE.

Are you working on any other project you’d like us to keep an eye out for? 
I will be launching my etsy store this summer which will feature my collection of vintage pieces.

Anything you’d like to add? 
If you can not afford it, make it yourself. 

When you hear the term “Black Fashion” What comes to mind?
Original with a distinct confident sense of self.

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